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Westholme Tea Company

Westholme Tea Company- White Tulsi

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Style: White

Origin: Blended at Westholme

Ingredients: White Peony Tea, Purple Tulsi

Description: We combined the smooth mouth of a fine, sun-withered white tea with a plant originally cultivated in India; Purple Tulsi, also known as Holy Basil. This slightly peppery perennial adds a rounded herbal complexity to the graceful infusion, furthering the nuance of the steep and complementing the more floral aspects of the white tea that carries it. The liquor is deep, yet delicate on the tongue.

Tasting Notes: A faintly honeyed aroma develops into a sweet and gently toasty palate. The combination of a smooth and gently floral white tea, with slightly peppery leaves of dried purple tulsi, produce a sophisticated steep that is both grounded and delicate. Wonderful hot or iced (using the cold-steep method).

Brewing Instructions: 2g per cup. 85ºC water. steep 3 minutes. Re-steep.