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Westholme Tea Company

Westholme Tea Company-West Coast Breackfast

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Style: Black

Origin: Blended at Westholme

Ingredients: Organic Black Pekoe Teas from India, China and Sri Lanka

Description: Waking up in our respective West 'holmes' on the West Coast of Vancouver Island - we all need a little something to help us greet the day. For our Team, no matter the season, a reliable steep of tea is required. All classic Breakfast teas rely on a blend of different broken-leaf black pekoe teas. West Coast Breakfast is Westholme’s answer to the traditional breakfast tea many are accustomed to, but made with the mindfulness for excellence and environmental integrity for which our brand has become well-known.

As with each of our handcrafted tea recipes, nature was our muse when we crafted West Coast Breakfast. We took inspiration from the resilient western coastal temperate rainforest that surrounds us, as well as tea terraces worldwide where each tea has been carefully sourced. We have brought together tea leaves from four different Estates in India, China and Sri Lanka - each contributing distinct characteristics and combined in a way that is just-so to encourage cohesion. Our intention is to provide a wake-up call as unforgettable as the West Coast landscape itself. 

Tasting Notes: West Coast Breakfast is robust with a dark malt and crisp finish. Subtle sweetness, and hints of rich earth play through the steep. The smooth strength of the Assam is dominant at the start, then layers of toasty Keemun, subtle Darjeeling muscatel, and refreshing Ceylon reveal themselves like the coastal waves on the beach.

West Coast Breakfast is the boldest tea in our Westholme Breakfast Tea Collection.

Brewing Instructions: 2g per cup. 100ºC water. Steep 3-4 minutes.