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Westholme tea Company-Rwanda

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Description: Though the African continent is best known in the tea world for the caffeine-free Rooibos infusions from the Western Cape province of South Africa, or for the mint and green tea blends from Morocco and Egypt in the North, nearly every country on the continent now engages in the production of tea or tisane to some extent. The vast and varied topography, seasonal weather changes, cultural histories and lasting colonial impact across Africa have led to a diversity of tea types, tea rituals and tea export economies. Introduced to the country in 1952, tea is now one of Rwanda’s leading agricultural industries. Rooted in the abundant Central-East African terroir, most of Rwanda’s geography is elevated – the lowest point of the country is still 950 metres above sea level. Due to this elevation, the climate is relatively cooler than other countries so close to the equator, ensuring a healthy environment for tea plants.