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Westholme Tea Company

Westholme Tea Company - Hojicha

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Style: Roasted Green

Origin: Japan

Description: The second flush harvest of tea in Japan is often called Bancha, or ‘Last Tea.’ These tea leaves are less delicate than those plucked in the Spring for use in pure steamed teas like Sencha. In this case, the Bancha is steamed as it would usually be, with the additional step of being roasted with some twigs and leaf stems, becoming a Hojicha. The resulting cup steeps to a warm clear brown.

Tasting Notes: A gentle-roasted flavour, reminiscent of toasted rice with a light dusting of cocoa, pairs with the crisp astringency and freshness of the sencha leaf. The aroma is grassy, and each sip reveals delicate nutty tones with a touch of coconut sugar sweetness.

Brewing Instructions: 2g per cup. 90ºC water. steep 3-5 minutes.

Organic, 75g tin