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Westholme Tea Company

Westholme Tea Company - Green Chai

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Style: Green

Origin: Blended at Westholme

Ingredients: Gunpowder Green Tea, Ginger Root, Cardamom, Cinnamon, Black Pepper, Orange Peel, Fennel 

Description: Using a classic Chinese green tea and combining it with our very own blend of masala spices, we created a version of masala chai that highlights a balance between classic warm comfort and graceful refreshment. A flavourful and uplifting green tea with refreshing notes of citrus, the cup is fragrant and smooth. Enjoy hot or cold (using the cold steep method).

Tasting Notes: Steep briefly for subtle spice and smooth grassy notes, the astringency curbed by sweet orange peel and fennel. Choose a longer steep to fully illuminate the strengths of ginger root and cardamom. Refreshing, comforting spice is woven through each sip, finishing with a pronounced grassy mouth and a lingering cinnamon finish.  

Brewing Instructions: 2g per cup. 95ºC water. steep 3-5 minutes. Re-steep.

Organic, 120g tin.