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The Shortbread Company

The Shortbread Company - Mini Shortbread Cookie Jar

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A mother-daughter team pouring two generations of care and craftsmanship into every handmade cookie they bake!


Raspberry: Our resident sweet-tart. BC-grown, freeze-dried berries gently ground and folded into our original shortbread and topped with a perfectly sweet, fresh-squeezed raspberry icing.

Lemon: Sunshine in a cookie. Our original shortbread recipe infused with an organic zest extraction and topped with a perfectly sweet, fresh-squeezed lemon icing.

Dark Chocolate w/ Fleur de Sel: The power couple cookie. Rich, unsweetened dark chocolate nestled in our classic shortbread and flecked with gourmet, fair-trade Cambodian fleur de sel.

Chocolate Orange: A chocolate lover’s dream with a citrus kiss. Our crisp classic shortbread meets decadent Dutch cocoa powder and a subtle burst of orange for a taste that’s rich, fresh and familiar all at once.

Dark Chocolate w/ Toffee and Pecan: Everything you need in just one bite. Rich, unsweetened dark chocolate, buttery toffee and crunchy pecans nestled in our slightly crisper classic shortbread.

Maple: Our Canadiana cookie. Delicate, caramelized maple syrup is folded into our slightly crisper classic shortbread delivering a comforting sweet taste that melts in your mouth with every bite.

Pumpkin Spice: Pumpkin spice meets buttery shortbread-FINALLY! Warm notes of cinnamon, nutmeg and more are perfectly balanced and then folded into our slightly crisper classic shortbread.

*Approx. 30-35 cookies*

*6mth shelf life*

Made in Canada