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Saltwest Naturals

Saltwest Naturals - Culinary Variety Packs

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Smoked Salt & Pepper Set includes our Organic Sweet Smokey Maple 40g, Smoked Peppercorns 45g & Applewood Smoked Sea Salt 45g.

Sweet & Salty Set includes our Saltwest Organic Roasted Garlic & Onion Infused, Organic Sweet Smokey Maple & Salted Caramel Chocolate.

Herb Set includes our Organic Rosemary Sage Infused, Organic Lemon Dill Infused & Organic Roasted Garlic & Onion Infused.

Canadian Cocktail Rim Trim Set - Organic Seasar Pleaser, Toasted Coconut Sea Salt & Salted Caramel Chocolate.