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Mimi & August

Mimi & August - Candle Jars

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Handmade soy candles featuring fresh and unique scents that are perfect for gifting or keeping... handmade with love in Montreal!


2oz: Approx. 10 hours / Metal container.

8oz: Approx. 50 - 55 hours / Container is ceramic made, comes with a lid made of natural bamboo.



  • Scent: Fruity, with a delicate touch of mandarin, violet and fresh berries, you will instantly fall under the charm of this scent.
  • Qualities: Happiness and joy.
  • Inspired by: The urge to celebrate every accomplishment we make in life


  • Scent: Jasmine, rose, freesia and patchouli.
  • Qualities: Lovely flowery scent that is irresistible and sophisticated.
  • Inspired by: A beautiful garden party.


  • Scent: Peonies, ginger and honey.
  • Qualities: Intoxicating aroma, transportive.
  • Inspired by: A journey of Mediterranean scents.


  • Scent: Ocean water, sea salt with a hint of mint.
  • Qualities: Calming, purifying, transportive.
  • Inspired by: Soothing, natural and delicate, the smell of Mare, will calm you like the sound of the waves.

Coco Mango

  • Scent: Tropical fruity, mix of coconut milk, fresh mango and tropical fruits.
  • Qualities: Reminding you that you probably need to take a trip to a tropical beach soon.
  • Inspired by: Sitting poolside, with a cool fruity drink.


  • Scent: Fruity and fresh with flavours of grapefruit and rose, it will take you to tropical countries.
  • Qualities: Delicious, aromatic, refreshing.
  • Inspired by: Sipping a glass of rose in good company by the sea.


  • Scent: Cardamom, tobacco, and spices


  • Apple peel and greenery

Made in Canada.