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Mimi & August

Mimi & August - Mini Ceramic Candles

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Handmade soy candles featuring fresh and unique scents that are perfect for gifting or keeping... handmade with love in Montreal!


3 oz: Approx. 15 -20 hours - A speckled gray little cup. The perfect size for your next double espresso. Functional with a unique design, it will bring warmth and pleasure to your morning. If you are not fan of coffee it can be used as a container for your jewelry, small jar of spices for cooking, photophore and more.


ARTEA is a true flowery delight. With its slightly fruity fragrance, it's perfect for cozy moments at home. Inspired by: the embodiment of sweetness. Scent: Flower petals, plum and foliage.

BOTANICA Inspired by: an oasis of tranquility. Scent: Black tea, bergamot, cornflower Qualities: inviting and calming atmosphere.

FLORA  Scent: Rose, cardamon and cedarwood. Qualities: Luxurious aroma and romantic feel.

HERBARIUM Scent: Cypress forest, lemon, foliage Qualities: Serenity, calm and beauty.