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Make This Universe

Make This Universe - Charms and Pearls Necklace Kit

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This DIY Beaded Pearl & Charms Necklace Making Kit includes everything you need to create your own 18" adjustable length beaded pearl necklace. Includes a Green Aventurine Crystal heart for grounding and stability (OYSTER palette), OR Rose Quartz for love and abundance (in PEARL Palette)---both aid in opening the heart chakra.

No tools required, bead directly onto the chain! Each kit includes:

  • Adjustable length (clasp is on a slider bead)
  • 18K gold plated chain
  • All charms are 18k gold plated: includes 1x key charm, 1x heart lock charm, 1x celestial pendant and 1 cut glass gemstone (GREEN in Oyster paletter, PINK in pearl palette). 1x ROSE QUARTZ heart bead (in Pearl), or 1x AVENTURINE HEART (in Oyster)
  • Incl. over 100 seed beads- more than enough to complete the chain
  • Incl. 10 freshwater, irregular pearls
  • ENG instructions only

A QR Code link to detailed Instructions are included on the lid of the kit. 

Made in Canada.