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Luxe Salts

Luxe Salts - Shower Melts

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Luxe Salts started in February 2022 as a way to showcase clean products at an affordable price for all to enjoy. Every product is handmade by Madeleine in her home studio, here in Duncan BC. 

Shower melts are like a bath bomb for your shower. They are practical and have lots of benefits:

Lavender essential oil can help ease headaches, manage stress can help promote relaxation, make for easier sleep, and can help fight the insomnia effect for times you may need before bed relaxation (or any time of the day needed relaxation). 

Eucalyptus peppermint has several benefits, some being they can help relieve cough, sinus clears, clear up congestion, soothe the mind can relieve headaches! Perfect for any time of the day showers especially during cold flu season.

5 per package, made in Canada.