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These solid shaving bars are all natural, hand crafted & vegan. We make our soaps in small batches using the good old fashioned cold process method in beautiful Victoria, BC on Vancouver Island.

We've added cocoa & shea butters for their moisturizing properties. Local craft beer for lots of creamy bubbles & detoxifying bentonite clay for extra slip. Use this bar in place of commercial gels/foam and enjoy a close, smooth shave.

*** Pssst.. ladies... these are not just for the boys, perfect for legs and underarms too! ***

Can be used with a brush or pop it out and apply it directly to your skin.

Each shaving bar scented with 100% pure essential oils

We make our soaps in small batches from scratch using natural ingredients and our own recipes. Each bar is cured for at least 4 weeks to ensure a hard, long lasting bar.