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Vendor: Willow & Orchid Boutique and Floral Design



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Please note:

It is a delivery policy that we be provided with a phone number for the recipient, unfortunately we do not offer surprise deliveries. If we are not provided with a phone number for the recipient, we do not replace the flowers in the event they don't arrive to the correct address or in the event that there is an issue with the flowers.

Our deliveries normally go out between 2-5pm but this can vary based on the number of deliveries we have going out that day.

Same day delivery Cut-off time is 12:00 PM and depends on availability of fresh cut flowers and volume of orders we have already going out for that day.

Please note to give a general idea of size and price range: a $35-45 hand-tied bouquet is generally made with budget friendly long lasting flowers. The next size up is a $50 hand tied bouquet. Premium flowers such as lilies, roses, orchids are generally used in arrangements of $50/60 and up. We try to source local flowers as much as possible. If you have any questions at all or wish to discuss options please don’t hesitate to call 250-748-9868

PLEASE LEAVE A CARD MESSAGE and  DELIVERY DATE REQUEST in the “NOTE” section when completing your order.

We apologize for any inconvenience but we are unable to provide pictures of each individual arrangement, our priority is to give time and attention to each floral design and to have them ready in time for our deliveries to go out for the day. 

Fresh flowers can have such a wonderful and positive impact on our mood and creativity! Many of us and our friends are isolated and can certainly use the joy and happiness flowers bring to people. 

If you can't decide what to send, or you wish to send something special and unique, select a "Designer's Choice" arrangement and we'll do the thinking for you! While we can't guarantee the specific flowers we will always use the freshest flowers and most beautiful flowers available! Just let us know what the occasion is and we will do our best to design a suitable arrangement!