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Fern & Petal

Fern & Petal - Room Sprays

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Spritz on linens, around your room, or in your car... anywhere you want a burst of fresh, natural scent!

Fern & Petal was born out of the difficult search to find high-quality, all-natural products that were made locally. We're a small, family-run business that puts quality first - that's why all of our products are handmade and/or bottled locally in Vancouver BC, Canada.


Mountain: Experience a refreshing blast of crisp, cool mountain air wherever you are. Made with Peppermint, Eucalyptus and Rosemary, Mountain’s invigorating aroma helps you breathe easier and refreshes even the dullest environment.

Doze: Wrap yourself in the calming embrace of nature's most delicate flora. Made with primary notes of Lavender, Frankincense and Chamomile, Doze is child-friendly and carefully formulated to ease your mind as you slowly drift into a wondrous new world.

Coast: Embrace a fresh mountainside breeze mixed with the light, woodsy aroma from the old growth trees spanning the shoreline horizon. Coast captures the natural beauty of the Pacific West Coast with its unique blend of Cypress, fresh Bergamot and sustainably harvested Pacific Cedarwood.

100ml glass bottle.

  • Packaging: Recycled, Recyclable, and Zero waste.
  • Materials: Biodegradable, Compostable, Organic, Plastic-free, Vegan, and Nontoxic.
  • Production: Carbon neutral, Sustainably sourced, Ethically sourced, and Fair trade.