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Cordova Candle Co.

Cordova Candle Co. Mini Candle (4oz)

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"Here at Cordova Candle Co. we create more than just candles.  Our candles are designed to capture the moments that are most important in life.

A mother of three with a passion for family and a love of candles. For the past 30 years I have lived and raised my family in Cordova Bay, Victoria BC. Thus, Cordova Candle Co. was born.  

Cordova Candle Co. was built on the idea of scent-memory connection through nostalgic scents that remind you of a place or time.  I wanted to develop certain scent combinations to be mindful of different parts of the city that I enjoyed exploring with my children as they were growing up. This is why Victoria Hometown Collection, is the first collection of candles created.  Each candle is purposefully named after a different part of the city that we loved exploring and that we call home! 

Our candles are hand-poured in small batches using 100% soy wax and blended with phthalate free premium fragrances and essential oils.  Every candle is labeled and packaged with love by hand and will burn cleanly all the way down.  

The candle jar can be recycled or re-purposed once the candle has been burned down.  Once the jar is cleaned out, use it for storing makeup brushes, pens or flowers, or use our local jar return.  

Our Victoria Hometown Collection is sure to please, and hopefully whisk you away to a special place of joy and love!" 

4oz Mini Candle