Hand Tied Bouquets - Designer's Choice - Mother's Day - delivery May 5-8



Vendor: Willow & Orchid Boutique and Floral Design



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Due to COVID 19 we are operating at reduced inventory levels and staffing and we thank you for your patience and support during this time.

We know it is especially important for people to send and receive flowers at a time when we can’t see our loved ones.  Given our limited operations we can only offer designer’s choice arrangements.  We will do our best to accommodate special requests however we simply cannot provide a guarantee of the type or colour of flowers.  We will as always provide you with the most beautiful arrangement we can.

This year we will need to send our deliveries out between Tuesday-Saturday prior to Mother's Day.  We are unable to guarantee the date or time for your delivery. We can take requests but please keep in mind we simply cannot guarantee at this time.

We understand this is not ideal but we sincerely appreciate your patience and your support.