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Alicja Confections

Alicja Confections - Postcard Chocolate

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Each bar is wrapped in beautifully designed packaging, ready to send in the mail just like a postcard. Send a Postcard Chocolate Bar to your mom, dad, sister, brother, grandma, grandpa, best friend, co-worker, frienemy, and whoever else you can think of, whether it's a birthday, a holiday, or just a way to say "Hey, I'm thinking of you, boo!"

Each Postcard Chocolate Bar weighs 85 grams. Because they are under 100 grams, they can be sent through the regular letter mail using just one $1.94 stamp within Canada. 

Made in Canada using premium ingredients, these are the perfect treat to send to your loved ones (or take home for yourself)!


Earl Grey: 33.6% milk chocolate bar. Based on our bestselling Earl Grey bonbon, this chocolate bar is like taking a bite out of a chill fall morning, sipping on your favourite tea.

Espresso: 60.1% dark chocolate bar. A deep and rich bar, perfect for any coffee lover. We use real, freshly ground Italian espresso beans, which truly compliments this dark chocolate.

Fleur De Sel: 54.5% dark chocolate bar. Sweet and silky dark chocolate salted with the highest quality sea salt available.

Japanese Cheesecake: 28% white chocolate bar. This chocolate bar is sublet and delicious. Unique and soft Japanese cheese cake is mixed in with the chocolate making it fluffy and sweet.

Lavender Lilac: 33.6% milk chocolate bar. Sprinkled with dried lavender flowers, making this an aromatic and luxurious chocolate bar.

Matcha: 28% white chocolate bar. Sweet chocolate and high quality matcha green tea become a perfect match. 2019 Silver International Chocolate Awards Winner in Canada! Inspired by the flavours of Japan, you won't find a chocolate like this locally.

Mentha: 54.5% dark chocolate bar. A creamy and refreshing mint, we've had quite a few people say this is the best mint chocolate they've ever had!

Ramen Bowl: 33.6% milk chocolate bar. You may think this bar is totally weird: trust us when we say it’s one of our best. Remember crushing up ramen noodles, and eating them dry as a kid? Do that and take a bite of chocolate! Salty and sweet.

Rose: 54.5% dark chocolate bar. Flavoured with premium French oils used by the worlds best bakers and confectioners to create the perfect blend of rose flavoured dark chocolate.

Ruby Fraoula: 47.3% ruby chocolate bar covered with freeze dried strawberries, blackberries, and raspberries, the perfect pairing for the slightly tart NEW chocolate. It is made from the Ruby cocoa bean which has an intense fruity taste and characteristic pinkish colour. The pink hue comes after the beans have gone through a unique process to unlock flavour and colour tones.

Strawberry Blonde: 28% white chocolate bar. Delicious strawberry chocolate with crunchy puffed rice. Alicja's all time favourite bar.

Valencia Orange: 54.5% dark chocolate bar. Packed full of candied orange peel, creamy dark chocolate with a sweet and slightly bitter twist.