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AIJA Candle Studio

AIJA Candle Studio Travel Candle 4oz

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With Aija's love for quality goods and minimal designs, she ventured into the candle world. Why candles? She's always enjoyed the warmth and coziness candles offer, but didn't see many options that had natural ingredients with a subtle scent since most candles caused her headaches.

The goal was to simply enjoy the scent of a candle again without triggering headaches while promoting a slow lifestyle in our busy world.

AIJA candles are Latvian inspired, eco-friendly and make an ordinary day a little more special by soaking in the simple moments. Always hand poured in small batches in London Ontario, Canada.


Sugar Beach: grapefruit, vanilla, coconut

Comfort: fig, cedar bark, juniper

Muse: peach, lilac, grapefruit

Warmth: amberwood, cedar, eucalyptus

Earth: tobacco, raw sugar, amber

Burn time: up to 24hrs